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Welcome to Frank’s Firewood of Boonville California

EST. 1972, Frank’s Firewood is owned and operated by the original Frank and Jolene Vaine, and son Neil.

Where Do We Get Our Wood?

Franks Firewood Pre cut inventoryTanoaks are our main source. They grow very prevalently and robustly, unlike other oaks and madrone, which we occasionally get but are far more scarce and are good to leave intact in their surroundings to repopulate a dwindling population. These oaks are potentially a very good wood to use for hardwood floors, furniture, and other products. However, unlike Douglas Fir and especially redwood, (which typically grow very straight,) oak in our area tend to bend and branch out more as they grow, causing most trees to be very difficult to mill into long lengths of lumber. Over the decades various attempts have been made by various companies and individuals to mill local oak into lumber, but have failed to be profitable. In order to make room for more conifers in this county’s forests, oak and other species were often poisoned or fallen and left out in the forest to rot. This caused various concerns about poison and fire hazards, and was not seen as an ideal situation. Our company has been purchasing sound, unpoisoned trees from local logging companies for decades. We make it into firewood, after which it is sold as an excellent source of heat to thousands of Mendocino County residents. We also sell Douglas Fir and Pine that come from logs that don’t make the mark for lumber. Our firewood is a very renewable source of energy, and there is no heat as warm as

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