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Welcome to Frank’s Firewood of Boonville California

EST. 1972, Frank’s Firewood is owned and operated by the original Frank and Jolene Vaine, and son Neil.

Where Do We Get Our Wood?

Tanoaks and Madrones are the main sources. They are basically too poor to mill into lumber. What isn’t used for firewood in this county is currently being poisoned or fallen and left out in the forest to rot in order to make room for more conifers. So you might appreciate that by using these types of hardwoods, you’re using wood that’s beneficial to the forest to be removed.

We also sell Almond from the Central Valley, and Douglas Fir and Pine that come from logs that don’t make the mark for lumber. So our firewood is definitely a renewable source of energy, and there is no heat as warm as firewood.

Need Some Firewood?

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