Firewood Price List

Includes most deliveries in Mendocino Co. and Northern Sonoma Co

Most Anderson Valley prices will be reduced by $15/ cord.

Hardwoods – Your Choice:


See video for explanation
1/2 Cord$245 + tax$245 + tax
1 Cord$430+ tax$430 + tax
2 Cords$400 /cord+ tax$400 / cord+ tax
3 Cords$395/cord+ tax$395 / cord + tax
4 Cord dump$390/cord + tax$390 / cord + tax
U pick up$4.00/ cu. ft, tax included (18 cu. ft. minimum)$4.00/ cu. ft, tax included
MADRONE $25 extra (sold out)SOLD OUT
Neighbors within 1/4 mile may order together to take advantage of the above quantity discounts.

Soft Wood – Available:


 Green or Partially Seasoned
See video for explanation
1/2 Cord$207.50 + tax$207.50+ tax
1 Cord$355 + tax$355 + tax
2 Cords$330 / cord +tax$330 / cord+ tax

Strech-Wrapped Bundles -Wholesale only

Call for price 707.895.2133

To place an order you may either call 707.895.2133 or

use our

Unlike the burning of fossil fuels like gas or oil, burning firewood releases no more harmful greenhouse gases than would be produced were the wood to simply rot on the forest floor.

The oaks used for our firewood come from areas that are being thinned for reforestation of Redwood and Douglas fir.  So you can appreciate that you’re using wood that’s beneficial to the forest to be removed.